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The Portman Ritz-Carlton hotel has chosen the Edikio Guest labels solution to fulfill the need to efficiently produce high- quality labels without relying on external suppliers.

The Challenge : Provide guest with unforgettable experience during their stay.

As a luxury hotel brand owned by Marriott, the Portman Ritz-Carlton has a classic style and is a must-stay hotel for upper-class guests and dignitaries This hotel is located on West Nanjing Road in Shanghai, is the central building of the Shanghai shopping mall complex, a prestigious commercial and residential area in Shanghai. Built in the 1990s, this luxury hotel boasts a profound historical heritage. It adheres to the Ritz-Carlton’s legendary hotel culture as it provides guests with tailored services and comprehensive facilities.

The Portman Ritz-Carlton uses personalized labels to present dishes in the Portman Restaurant and Executive Lounge, both of which provide buffet meals. The labels feature individually designed and printed cards to show the prices of meals and merchandise sold in the Ritz Bar & Lounge, bakeries and gift shops.


The solution : a all-in-one solution to produce labels without relying on external suppliers.

"Serving ladies and gentlemen with an attitude of decency and elegance" is this hotel brand’s classic model. This brand aims to provide guests with an unforgettable experience during their stay. In building upon its excellent catering service, the hotel has searched for a label display system that provides personalized service, has a lovely appearance and offers a user-friendly experience. Traditional buffet labels typically use relatively cheap paper and plastic materials that are not durable. Such an approach cannot reflect the hotel brand’s image. Other materials create issues such as requiring a complex production process or are high in cost. The buffet dishes are often decided based on seasons, festivals and other factors. After considering all these aspects and comparing various labels on the market, the hotel has chosen the Edikio Guest labels solution. This label solution fulfills the need for hotels to efficiently produce high- quality labels without relying on external suppliers.


The result : High-quality labels in a unified style highlight the brand image.

The Portman Ritz-Carlton use Edikio Guest, a one-stop card solution specially developed for hotels and other kinds of businesses in the catering industry. With Edikio Guest's software, the hotel can tailor the style and content of the label and then print white text or pictures on a black matte textured card. The Portman Ritz-Carlton has selected a simple, classic style, printing the hotel logo, the English name of the hotel and the Chinese and English names of the dishes on each menu. The uniformly printed labels of both the cafeteria and the executive lounge reflect the classic style of the hotel brand.

There are currently over 300 labels in use. As dishes are adjusted, catering department staff will print new labels, with 3-5 new cards printed on average every day. The label is uniformly stored in a fixed drawer in the display area. Even if labels are temporarily changed, staff can quickly find the corresponding ones.

Since the buffet uses a unified label solution, the hotel has decided to expand the use of Edikio Guest solution. To achieve the multipurpose use of a single card, paper commodity price tags have been upgraded to Edikio Guest price tags for beverages sold in the Ritz Bar & Lounge in the hotel lobby, fresh desserts in the bakery and items sold in the souvenir shops.


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« Edikio Guest skillfully solves the pain point of the hotel's pursuit for efficiency and quality. This personalized label solution helps us improve the quality and service of the buffet and achieve unified management. »


CARSON Catering Manager The Portman Ritz-Carlton, Shanghai

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