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Thanks to the Edikio price tag solution, this cheese store has a harmonious display for its customers that is even drawing the attention of the other traders in the market!

The challenge: to choose the simplest and most efficient price labelling solution when setting up this cheese store

The L'Ardoise cheese store has been trading at the Halles Saint Pierre covered market in Saumur (France) since 2021. Its owner, Cindy Lejeune, has turned it into one of those stores that you just have to call in at when shopping for food. Her cheese store offers nearly 120 cheeses for all tastes, as well as a dairy and grocery section where customers can find yoghurts, honeys, wines, olive oils, or jams.

"I did my research before opening my cheese store, with ease as the main criterion."

One of the main concerns of the new manager of L'Ardoise when setting up her store was to find a labeling system that would combine the following advantages:

  • Easy to use and set up
  • Good price/quality ratio
  • Food safe*
  • Hygienic
  • Professional appearance

Many points that are essential for a small local business to gain efficiency. Especially since the complete labeling of a new point of sale is a substantial undertaking that must be carefully thought out.

Cindy Lejeune looked into the different solutions available to meet the specific needs of her business. The advice of her fellow traders at the Halle Saint Pierre, the previous cheesemonger, and online research helped her to quickly find a system that met all of her selection criteria: Edikio Price Tag.


The solution: hygienic and easy-to-create price tags with Edikio Price Tag Flex

"My fellow traders who already have it are very happy."

Positive feedback from her fishmonger colleague, as well as from the former owner of the cheese store, both of which already had Edikio Price Tag, were instrumental in Ms. Lejeune's choice. She was able to verify the quality of the price tags, as well as observe the ease of use of the creation software included in the solution. This only served to support her choice.

Ms. Lejeune bought an Edikio Price Tag Flex, the all-in-one solution for printing price tags in credit card and long format. The package, including creation software, a plastic card printer, and the consumables needed to get started (cards and ribbon), had the best price-quality ratio on the market for her cheese store.

"One of the reasons I chose the Flex solution is that it lets you print on long cards, which are ideal for products in the grocery section that require a lot of information to be put on the tags."

After a year of daily use, Ms. Lejeune confirms the advantages of the Price Tag solution:

  • The creation software is simple and intuitive to use, and allows her to import all the products from Excel.
  • The cards can display all the regulatory information in a legible way: price per kg, name, weight, pictograms for the type of milk, pictograms for the origin of the product, etc.
  • Printing is fast when replacing a card or creating one for a new product.
  • Cleaning of the cards, which are food safe* is easy.

This last point is very important for the owner of L'Ardoise. Edikio Price Tag offers her hygienic labeling, even though it is in contact with the cheeses she sells. The PVC medium also saves a lot of time in terms of cleaning. 

The result: a harmonious display for the customers that is also drawing the attention of the other traders in the market.

"I was also looking for a solution with a harmonious, classy look. That is just what Edikio Price Tag offers."

In addition to the apparently technical aspects, Ms. Lejeune wanted to have a display whose visual impact was up to what she had imagined for the launch of her business, with:

  • Legible information
  • A harmonious presentation
  • A professional appearance

All of this has an impact on the purchasing decision of her customers. A beautiful display is bound to be more appealing!

To achieve this, all 200 tags are printed in white on black cards. A particularly good choice for their visibility alongside the cheeses. All labeling is consistent and always up to date. Her customers get the essential information they need to make their first purchase selection, notably thanks to the pictograms on the tags. They are a perfect complement to the advice that Ms. Lejeune can provide when she serves them.

"My butcher colleague was immediately interested. I know he is inquiring about switching to Edikio Price Tag for his labeling system as well."

The Edikio Price Tag labeling at the L'Ardoise cheese store is not only attracting customers! As the second business in the covered market to have adopted it, the other traders have noticed the high-quality look and professional presentation that Ms. Lejeune has chosen. 

Just like for the owner of L'Ardoise when setting up her store, the feedback and advice of a trader already convinced by Edikio Price Tag provide important guidance in the selection of labeling. Today, Ms. Lejeune would recommend the solution to another professional without hesitation!


« Edikio Price Tag represents a real time saver, and as a trader you really can't get enough of that! »


Cindy Lejeune owner of L'Ardoise cheese store – Saumur (France)

Where to buy?

All in one Edikio Solutions

Our all-in-one labeling solutions

Edikio offers two ranges of all-in-one solutions to let you design and print attractive labels quickly and easily while cutting costs, all from the comfort of your store or establishment:
-    Price tags with our Price Tag solutions aimed at stores
-    Display labels with our Edikio Guest solutions aimed at hotels and restaurants

Our packs include:

  • A printer: single-sided our double-sided printing on standard-size or long-size cards
  • Plastic card design and print software
  • A printer ribbon and PVC cards designed especially for the food trade*

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