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Essential Steps for Creating a Sense of Luxury with Your Product Price Cards


A price card, as the name suggests, is a small card showing the price of a product. Beyond this simple function, however, the price card actually plays a very important role in influencing buyer behavior, determining how a product is perceived by passing shoppers.
Ultimately, customer behavior depends on a variety of factors ranging from personal preferences to economic (i.e budget) limitations. Yet when it comes to sizing up a product in-store, there are certain indicators that tell shoppers what a product is like and whether it is worth purchasing. For instance, price card designs and packaging will significantly add to a buyer’s overall impression of a product.

As higher quality products are typically more expensive, it is crucial to create a strong impression with your price cards at first glance to warrant the higher price. So to help you skillfully appeal to customers, we discuss how you can lend your products a sense of luxury and premium quality with your price cards.


Standard Price Cards vs. Luxury Price Cards – What’s the Difference?

Create a Strong Impression Using Color

A customer’s first impression of a product is generally created the instant they lay eyes on the price card. One of the reasons for this is color. Based on Colour Theory — a practical guide for the visual effect of different colours — each colour has a different impact on the human mind.

This psychological element that applies to so many aspects of the physical world conveniently translates to the world of price cards too. As a marketing and business tool, colors can be used to create certain effects that impact the purchasing decisions of customers. Some refer to this as ‘Color Marketing’.
By using colors that convey a sense of luxury like black and gold, for example, you can significantly enhance the perceived value of your product. On the other hand, bright colors like red and green create a more casual impression. Red especially is commonly used as a promotional color to encourage and promote sales, while simultaneously implying affordability.
The colors you choose for your price cards simply depend on the impression you want to create for any given product. And naturally, if you’re trying to create a luxury aesthetic, you’ll need to choose colours that convey this appropriately.

What Materials Are Used to Create a Luxury Image?

You don’t necessarily need to use a luxurious price card for a premium quality product. However, if you use a simple laminated price card for more expensive purchases, you’ll quickly see a drop in the product’s perceived value.
If the price of a product is several times higher than that of an ordinary product, you’ll certainly need to create the impression of luxury at first glance. One of the best ways to do this is to use special materials that distinguish themselves from others, such as wood, acrylic, or PVC.

Use the Power of Words to Convey Quality

Along with color and materials, another essential factor for price cards is your choice of words. When it comes to the actual content of the advertisement, carefully choosing the way you describe the product is important.
It’s not enough to simply use words like “quality” or “luxury” and expect customers to get it. Instead, this sense of luxury needs to be conveyed by describing exactly why the product is of high quality. This can be done by highlighting things like superior production processes, special ingredients, or unique source locations — showcasing that the item is rare in some way.
For example, specials reserve collections of alcohol usually do extremely well when stores are able to highlight the fact that the collection is rare: “Only produced every 20 years!”.

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Premium Class Price Tags for Department Store Food Items

High-class price tag designs

Price Tags for Meat That Convey Luxury (And Affordability!)

Fresh foods, side dishes, and delicious sweets from all over the country are sold on the basement floor of department stores throughout Japan. It is here that you can see the true value of effective price cards with so many shops and stalls competing to make their products seem as attractive and appealing as possible.
To distinguish themselves from others, it’s crucial that meat merchants use price cards that clearly communicate key selling points. For example, it is important that butchers convey a sense of freshness, taste, and superior quality in a way that attracts passing shoppers. Even if your focus is to simply sell the product at a reasonable price, successfully communicating the quality of the product (at your amazing price), can amplify sales and your shop’s impression of being high value.

Take advantage of these factors when selling premium products and you should be able to win over more than your fair share of customers.

Advertisements for Vegetables That Convey Premium Quality

Price cards with uniform white letters on a black background can produce an impression of high quality while drawing attention to displays of colorful vegetables. This simple price card design is immediately noticeable when it is surrounded by colorful vegetables like tomatoes and peppers.
Also, if you craft your price cards in a handmade fashion, using natural fonts and materials, you can create a warm, rustic and authentic market-style atmosphere, building a genuine connection with your customers and increasing the likelihood of a purchase. A few simple tricks can make a big difference, so give it a try!

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Use Price Card Accessories to Create a Sense of Luxury!

Price card accessories that convey a sense of luxury

Using price card accessories is also a great way to create an impression of high quality. For example, a tag stand is particularly recommended for fresh products like meat, since they not only complement the product and give it a sense of distinguished quality, but they also make it possible to handle price cards more hygienically.

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Start Making Price Cards That Convey a Sense of Luxury Today

To let customers know the true value of your products, create price cards that add a sense of premium quality and luxury. Having said this, we also advise that you don’t use this approach for items that are meant to be cheaper and more affordable. While there is some crossover, certain items will benefit more from a friendly and affordable price card strategy.
The trick is to apply the most suitable price card designs and messages to the right products. When done right, they’ll be your best “salesman” and will help your business to prosper!

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