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Restaurants and Hotels: Reinvent the Customer Experience by Creating Your Own QR Code Menu


There has been revived interest in the QR code in recent years and it is now widely used in our daily lives. Although invented in 1994, it was with the widespread use of smartphones that its use really started to take off. Now, given the recent health situation, things have accelerated even more.

Contactless was already a growing trend and it has now become vital. Edikio Guest is here to help you meet this considerable challenge!

Thanks to our printing solution, you can create your own plastic QR code card and, in doing so, provide multiple solutions for your restaurant or hotel-avoiding contact touchpoints while offering your customers an optimal service.


Enhance the customer experience with a QR code menu

Display your products

Having become an increasingly important part in the daily life of most people, the QR code (like digital technology in general), can offer many advantages for your restaurant or hotel.

One of the problems you may encounter is how to display the restaurant menu as well as other hotel services. This is one of the key steps in the customer journey and getting it right is essential!


Time to change your habits?

With the new hygiene measures in place, handing out a menu is now strongly discouraged. This could be the time for you to try something new!

Depending on the layout of your venue, having the menu and/or drinks displayed on a large slate board may require your customers to move around and therefore present a major organizational problem.

The menu can become a health risk due to being handled by different people, in addition to having to be cleaned each time it is used. Single-use paper menus? Not such a good idea as they may seem, since they could prove expensive and impractical, as well as having a significant environmental impact.

So you need to find another solution... And at Edikio Guest we have just what you need.

The QR code menu: a simple, multi-purpose solution

Gain flexibility and autonomy

A QR code restaurant menu can be the key to improving the experience of your customers while enhancing the quality of service of your team.

Thanks to a QR code card, you can guarantee your customers instant access to your menu, without any contact, since they can find it directly via their smartphone. They just scan and make their choice... and it's done!

You can personalize your QR code card as you wish! Include information that is important to both your customers and your team and become more efficient. You can add a short message to encourage people to scan the QR code with a phrase like "Scan me" or specify the table number on the card, for example. And for hotels, there is a use for a plastic QR code card that can be a real asset for your business: a hotel services card. Instead of a guest directory, you can place a QR code card in all of your rooms. Your customers simply need to scan the code to access all the services offered by your establishment via one of the pages on your website.


Create and print your own QR code card

How to create a QR code for your menu

With our Edikio Guest printing solution, you can independently create and print your own QR code card! The Edikio Guest Access and Edikio Guest Flex printers provide high quality printing and also guarantee optimized accuracy for code reading by smartphones.

Creating a card couldn't be easier! With our all-in-one solution, you have everything you need:

  • Software
  • Printer
  • A pack of consumables (print ribbon and card pack)

You can easily import all the elements you need to create your QR code card directly into our editing software:

  • Logo
  • Colors
  • Typeface
  • QR code referring to your digital menu

This increases efficiency, as you can create in minutes what can be printed in seconds!

Enjoy many advantages thanks to a personalized QR code medium

The benefits are numerous, for both you and your customers:

  • A card with a digital menu that you can update in a few clicks
  • A QR code medium that can be customized to your image
  • Immediate and contactless access to your menu for all your customers
  • More efficient service for your entire team

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