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Improve Your Flower Shop’s Atmosphere and Brand With the Perfect Price Tags


Have you ever been enticed by the colourful displays in a flower shop, only to walk away moments later with a bouquet in hand, without a second thought? You’re not the first. The difference between flower shops that are easy to ignore and those that are impossible to walk away from empty handed often comes down to the way they use price tags.

We explore some of the most important considerations to make when planning the visual displays of your flower shop and how you can use effective price tags to enhance your store’s atmosphere and brand.


Enhance the Appeal of Your Flower Shop With Appropriate Price Tags

Guarantee Hygiene and Elegance With Waterproof Price Tags and Labels

Flowers need plenty of moisture and appropriate temperatures to survive. Unfortunately, these conditions make it much more likely for price tags to get damaged. Great flower shops overcome this predicament by making sure they only ever use durable, water-resistant labels that guarantee displays are always as fresh and clean as the flowers themselves.

While this is also important in places like supermarkets that sell fresh food products, it is especially important in flower shops to use waterproof price tags and labels as attention to detail and presentation are paramount for building a strong brand and reputation your customers can trust.

Promote Seasonal Messages to Charm Customers

While flowers are seen as a go-to gift for many occasions, it’s often difficult to choose which ones are the most suitable for specific events. In times like these, seeing a price tag with a message saying "Perfect for Valentines Day" or “Our top pick for anniversaries” makes deciding easier. Flower shops that display seasonal messages that understand what customers need are more likely to receive a positive reaction — especially when you help someone to remember an important event they might have otherwise forgotten!

Match Price Tags to Your Store’s Brand and Theme

Recently, flower shops have showcased an impressive array of different concepts and themes. While some opt for more rustic interior design styles that resemble old fashioned markets, others have crafted sleek and sophisticated environments using a combination of innovative visual displays and price cards.

When you want to let your customers browse the beauty of your store uninterrupted, price tags can be your best salesman, informing shoppers of key selling points and helping them to make a decision without you needing to say a word.

This is all part of developing a strong brand for your flower shop that lets customers know what they can expect when it comes to style and quality. Sometimes, all it takes is clear and simple black and white price tags with effective seasonal messages in handwritten-style fonts. This is a great way to add a personal touch and a feeling of familiarity to the customer experience.

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Create the Perfect Atmosphere in Your Flower Shop

A stylish flower shop's display and price tag


Enhance the Atmosphere of Your Flower Shop Using Price Tags

Florist’s aren't just places that sell flowers. They also offer customers a unique experience that can’t be found in other types of shops. After all, flowers are one of the best ways to satisfy your senses, both visually and through the amazing fragrances that they offer.

While flowers are beautiful in their own right, simply placing them down anywhere isn’t going to drive enough foot traffic to your shop. Instead, it’s essential to lovingly care for each display and match it with the right interior decor and lighting. Simply altering the position of flower displays in relation to the customer’s line of sight can have a huge impact. And so does strategically moving particular types to be viewed from their best angle — increasing their likeliness to be  picked by shoppers on their way past.  

A lot can also be done to match certain varieties and colours with each other to conjure specific feelings or moods. For example, an arrangement of flowers for general home decoration during summer months will greatly differ from one that displays romantic flower collections during winter.

As part of the many things needed to build an effective atmosphere in your flower shop, it’s crucial to use the right price cards and displays to complement your arrangements. For instance, during popular gift-giving seasons, carefully use words like "gratitude", "respect" and "farewell" to create a sense of the season and show customers that you are there to help them buy that perfect set of flowers for whichever occasion matters the most to them.


Strengthen Your Brand Image With Enhanced Price Tags — Important Lessons from a Well Established Florist

A flower shop display made of durable, easily visible price tags


Adapt Your Price Tags to Improve Your Brand Image

Established in 1904, the long-standing Hanamo Honten, a purveyor to the Imperial Household Agency for 50 years and counting, provides top class, genuine experiences through flowers and ikebana. They also utilize price tags that complement their dedication and appreciation of flower arrangement.

Despite their respected position as a reputable flower supplier, they had long prepared their price tags in-store using basic laminated cards and paper. However, this was an obvious problem due to how time-consuming this process was and the vulnerability of the laminate material to water exposure, causing it to peel.

After preparing these labels by hand for years, Hanamo Honten eventually replaced their price tag process with a durable PVC label printer. As well as protecting their price cards from regular damage and reducing the need for constant replacements, the company was also able to create price card designs that were worthy of the beautiful arrangements they are famous for, creating better unity for their brand and boosting productivity.

Today, it’s all too easy to purchase a set of flowers for your friends or loved ones by using an online store. However, physical flower shops have a value that never truly fades. As well as offering a unique experience full of sensory stimulation, beauty and celebration, flower shops provide an intrinsic value through the pleasant atmosphere that they create and their spontaneous nature. And as flower shops continue to offer value to us today, it’s no doubt that high quality price tags are an important part of the experience they offer.

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