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How can labeling help you to develop your sales?

Price tags: an indispensable item

Much more than just simple notices mentioning certain product information, they act as reference points and allow consumers to get the maximum data about your products in a single place. Labeling is the perfect opportunity to share information with customers at a key point in their shopping process.

Paying close attention to the labeling on your shelves will boost your sales, for several reasons.  A price tag is:

  • a source of vital information
  • a response to consumer expectations
  • an opportunity to highlight your special offers and new products
  • a tool for your sales staff
  • a tool to highlight your brand image

The goal of your price tags is to persuade customers!

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Effective labeling for optimal turnover

Although time-consuming, product labeling is still unavoidable. By opting for a high-performance labeling system which is easy to implement, you save time and you :

  • can use this extra time for activities that will generate revenue (such as optimization of displays or customer guidance)
  • become more available for your customers


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