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Use your Edikio printer to customize other cards!

Edikio - Use your price Edikio printer to customize other cards !


Do you want to print employee badges, gift cards, or loyalty cards with your Edikio printer?

Print from different kinds of software

While Edikio printers let you print all kinds of cards and badges (employee badges, loyalty cards, gift cards, etc.), the Edikio software has been designed specifically for printing price tags. For this reason, it has not been optimized for printing other types of cards. The Edikio Flex and Edikio Duplex solutions give you the option to print in color on white cards (in credit card format – CR80). You can easily print badges from the software you normally use because Edikio printers operate like standard office printers.

You simply need to adapt the print format to the price tag format. You can then print from:

  • Microsoft™ Word,
  • Microsoft™ PowerPoint
  • or graphic editing software such as Adobe® Photoshop

Evolis Badge Studio®: the software designed for printing badges

The Evolis Badge Studio® software has been specially designed for the creation and printing of all types of badges. Freely available to those with an Edikio solution, it means you can easily add photos, barcodes, and texts to your badges before printing.
Evolis Badge Studio® is supplied with a number of badge templates that you can easily modify and adapt to your branding.


Download Evolis Badge Studio for free

Edikio - 3Tag card in situ

Print on snap-off cards with Evolis Badge Studio®

The snap-off cards, or 3TAG cards*, supplied as an add-on to the Edikio range, allow you to display an additional message on your price tags (promotion, new item, etc.) or to label smaller products, in a simple way.
To make your card printing easier, we offer a specific "3TAGcard" template for Evolis Badge Studio®. Easy to customize, this template will let you print your 3TAG cards with your Edikio printer.

* 86 mm x 54 mm 3TAG cards, divisible into 3 cards of 28 mm x 54 mm